How it all started...

Temporary body painting and permanent tattooing of the skin are activities that have been practiced in just about all cultures. The Body Ink Narrative creates events for this type of activity. The company would be bringing the art of body design to the masses by promoting artistic expressions through body ink application in a social setting. Events hosted by the company would serve as a new and additional way for people to get creative, become artistic, enjoy themselves, learn, and meet new people. Participants would draw designs on each other or themselves with the option of using provided stencils created by tattoo and henna artists. The event hosts would be instructing and doing walkarounds to make sure everyone's having a good time. Henna paste and jagua gel would be the medium used; both 100% natural products that can create detailed work that lasts for up to 3 weeks on the skin. Henna is brown and originates from Indian, African, and Arabic cultures, whereas jagua is black and originates from the South American, Amazon, and Caribbean region.

People are always looking for new and exciting activities to do, whether it's after work, on the weekend, or on vacation. Body art, including body painting and tattooing, has always been a fascination for people from different walks of life. These types of body designs can be used for pranking family members, co-workers, or even just for trying out a tattoo design before getting it done permanently.