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Interactive Tattoo Design - Halloween Edition at The Kings Beer Hall

  • The Kings Beer Hall 84 Saint Marks Place Brooklyn, NY, 11217 United States (map)

Get creative and become artistic with friends for this special Halloween's edition of Interactive Tattoo Design! This serves as a great way to supplement your Halloween costume or just have a good time!

Jagua gel is a 100% organic black dye made from jagua fruit. It originates from the South American, Amazon, and Carribean region. You get to choose any design you want to be drawn however you like, whether freehand, or from available/printed stencils. Feel free to bring friends to tag along.

Design kits containing applicators, and pre-made stencils of designs done by professional artists will be provided. Halloween themed stencils will be provided as well.

* If you have an image of a specific tattoo you'd like, email it to for a ready-made stencil when you arrive.

 * Your design will take 30-60 minutes to dry depending on the size but keep it on for at least 2-3 hours for best results. After removing dry gel off completely, your design will start to darken and the color will fully develop over the next 24-48 hours. The design will then last up to 15 days.

 * Jagua gel notes: Although rare, allergic reactions to the jagua plant may occur. If you have eczema, any known allergies or are taking prescription medication, do not use. Do not apply jagua gel to face. Keep away from children. For external use only. Do not ingest.

 * Ticket includes happy hour pricing on drinks.

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